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Vote For BH Vision Statement

Vote For BH Vision Statement

Greetings, Roadrunners!

It’s time for us to vote on our Vision Statement. The Vision Statement for Bret Harte should succinctly describe our goals & state what we are trying to build for our scholarly community.
Once votes are collected for the next two weeks, we will reveal the winner and work on implementation starting in April 2021.
Our collective Vision Statement will capture what we want to accomplish over the course of the next three years. Don’t forget to vote.

LTC  Limited Coverage Available

LTC Limited Coverage Available

Modesto City Schools is providing families optional Limited Technology Coverage (LTC) at a cost of $20 per student to protect their school issued computer.
Students with LTC will be covered for the first Accidental Damage and Stolen Device (with Police Report).
A $200 fee will be applied if the device is vandalized, lost or stolen (without a verified police report). Power adapters are excluded from LTC purchase and a $35 fee will be accessed if lost, stolen or damaged.