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Opinion Writing Test

Opinion Writing Test

All Bret Harte scholars are taking an Opinion
Writing test online starting on 2/1/21 and the
test ends on 2/5/21. We can’t wait to see what
our scholars can write! They will need some
materials to be prepared for 2/1/21, the first
day of the Opinion Writing test.

Los estudiantes de Bret Harte estarán tomando
una prueba de escritura de opinión en línea a
partir de 2/1/21 y la prueba finaliza el 2/5/21
¡no podemos esperar para saber lo que los
estudiantes escribieron! necesitan algunos
materiales para el 2/1/21 el primer dia de la
prueba de escritura de opinión.

Bret Harte Rocks!

Bret Harte Rocks!

January 22, 2021

I log in on time
I'm always so on time
Loggin in on time, mmhmm
At 8:28 AM, mmhmm
I never log in late
I'm never ever late
My teacher says I'm great, mmhmm
My teacher says I'm great, mmhmm
So I keep workin
Can't stop won't stop workin
It's like I got this greatness in my mind
Sayin my future is so bright
Cuz the scholars gonna learn, learn, learn, learn, learn
And the teachers gonna earn, earn, earn, earn, earn
Scholars, I'm just gonna log, log, log, log in
Loggin in, in the rain!
Rain is gonna rain, rain, rain, rain, rain
Scholars use their brain, brain, brain, brain, brain
I'm just gonna re-, re-, re-, remain
Remain on line! Remain! Remain!

LTC  Limited Coverage Available

LTC Limited Coverage Available

Modesto City Schools is providing families optional Limited Technology Coverage (LTC) at a cost of $20 per student to protect their school issued computer.
Students with LTC will be covered for the first Accidental Damage and Stolen Device (with Police Report).
A $200 fee will be applied if the device is vandalized, lost or stolen (without a verified police report). Power adapters are excluded from LTC purchase and a $35 fee will be accessed if lost, stolen or damaged.